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Open letter to the council of E.U. and its member states

Dear Sirs,

with the sentence nr. 1 of 13th January 2014, the Constitutional Court of the Repubblica italiana has judicated unconstitutional the electoral law with which the Chamber of Deputies of the Repubblica italiana has been nominated. Following this sentence, every consequent juriducal act is nul and void.

Therefore, the nomination of the President of the Repubblica italiana is nul and he has to be considered illegitimate and abusive, because elected by an organism never existed by law.

With a similar criterion has been nominated the current Government, which, therefore, has to be considered itself illegitimate and abusive too.

In spite of all that, the European Union persists to consider legitimate the Govern of the Repubblica italiana and to ingage it with effects that have implications for an electoral body that never elected that Government/s.

Such a behaviour indicates a felony of which the European Union shall be demanded, before or after, to respond together with the illegitimate Governments to which it is giving undeserved legitimation.

Certainly Italian citizens cannot feel engaged by no acts formulated by an abusive organism such as the current Italian Government, and the three previous ones.

Further, an abusive Parliament, just for not giving up with its illegitimacy, has approuved a new electoral law named “Italicum” judicated itself too unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court of the Repubblica italiana (See)

That means that there exists no will at all to go back to legitimity by an entity that you persist to legitimate.

Therefore, for what we stated above, we enjoin you to order the Repubblica italiana to restore legitimity, and to suspend its partecipation to the administration of the European Union until the restoration of legality in the government of our State.




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