Open Index Protocol @ Texas Bitcoin Conference

Amy James presents Open Index Protocol at the Texas Bitcoin Conference

The Open Index Protocol is a specification for decentralized publishing, distribution and payments of any digital media. The specification includes:

  • How a proof-of-work blockchain and interoperable transport protocols create a shared data layer for digital content
  • How metadata, terms of use, file addressing, and payment information are stored in the blockchain
  • How to search and browse the shared data layer
  • How the blockchain security incentive is connected to the value of the content published to the shared data layer
  • How file persistence & legal compliance are ensured

Open Index Protocol uses the Flo blockchain for the meta-data index and interoperable transport protocols for file storage/distribution and payments. Current implementation supports IPFS for file storage/distribution and Bitcoin, Litecoin and Florincoin tokens for payments; support for additional file and value transport protocols is on the roadmap.

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