Noam Chomsky on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Language and Cognition

A philosophy discussion with IPT fellows, scholars and researchers Giannis Stamatellos, Spyridon Doukakis, Petros Lafazanidis, Alexandra Psaltidou, Antonia Stamatellou, Aristotelis Stamatellos, Christos Yonas Panos Kanellopoulos, Noé Badillo, Aristea Grivakou, Ioanna Mouriki



Samuel Marusca engages in a fascinating conversation with the legendary linguist, Noam Chomsky. In this thought-provoking discussion, they skillfully debunk the myths surrounding Artificial Intelligence while delving into Chomsky’s groundbreaking theory of Universal Grammar and its profound implications on language and cognition.

 Are you curious about the false promises of ChatGPT, and the limitations of AI? 

Wondering how human language truly emerges from our minds? This conversation explores Chomsky’s recent article in the New York Times about the ‘False promise of ChatGPT’ which will unlock new perspectives and challenge your understanding of language and intelligence. Chomksy also shares his insights on Wittgenstein, The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and Consciousness.


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