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No Man’s Land: People, Places & Pollution

Written by Marie Briguglio & Cartoons by Steve Bonello

Three decades’ worth of environmental cartoons by Steve Bonello are seamlessly stitched together in a fresh commentary by Marie Briguglio, drawing upon research on Malta’s environmental pressures, status and responses. In one example after the other of the tragedy of the commons, the cartoons and narrative jointly reveal the compulsive construction, the love affair with cars, the suspicion of nature and the lacklustre law enforcement, in the context of a beautiful yet very densely populated little island.
An easy to read and well-researched tragi-comic exposition of people polluting public places.
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I am a freelance artist, cartoonist and illustrator based in the island of Malta in Europe. In my previous working life I was employed in the aviation business for thirty years, and after that in commuter transport - all of a year and a half of the latter. I have contributed a weekly cartoon to the Sunday Times (Malta) since 1991. I have had two personal shows of my work here in Malta in 1988 and 1991 and have recently returned to the exhibition scene, taking part in Xebgha Nies (2014) with a small group of like-minded quirky artists. I have also been involved in a few book illustration projects. I hope to exhibit more of my work - well, soonish. I enjoy writing short pieces related to art in general, travel and the island I am blessed to have been born in. I have been published in a number of local magazines and in 2015 had a piece about Malta published in Roads & Kingdoms. 2015 was also the year I was invited by Cartooning For Peace to exhibit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg alongside cartoonists from all of the EU's 28 states.



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