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We need more religions. A lot more.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a really great and positive opinion about religions and their detrimental effects on people who blindly follow them. You often find yourself wondering if and how the world would be better without them. Of course it would be: a better, science and rationality driven society has a lot to offer to the well being of the human race. Not to mention that it would be much more fun because despite what your religion dictates you, we are not here to suffer. Nope.

Unfortunately, if you still are like me, you also know that this an irrational utopia, a brainchild of an hopeless, naïve optimistic. No religion is going to die any time soon. Unless we act, doing something bold. Why we – all people who don’t support this religion business –, why don’t we create an anarchic chaos, spawning hundreds of religion which will then all collide together and together with the long established ones implode and eventually all die? Booom. No more non-sense.

Established religions already go quite far creating incompatibilities among themselves. What we need to do, with our religions, will be to push this interesting idea just a bit further. Chaos will endure. People will eventually be unable to function in any possible configuration of any given “society”. We’ll stay at the window and see the whole idea of religion overwhelmed and crushed under its own unsustainable weight. Ah!

Let’s start creating a possible list of “religious precepts”.

  • A religion that mandates me to not work on week days. I could only work on weekends. You cannot fire me (or even not not-hire me), and if I cannot work on weekends because your company is closed, it’s not my fault: you need to pay me the whole salary anyway
  • A religion that prevents me to have any relationships or physical contacts of any sort with vegetarians (but vegans are OK, for some unspecified, illogic reasons)
  • A religion that allows me to only sit on the the back sit of cars. Together with my mates, we’ll enforce (after suing it) the automotive industry to create cars which can be driven from the back sit
  • A religion which mandates me to not listen to or create music with strings or wind instruments. I can only listen to drums (but not really really all of them)
  • A religion which prevents me to pay taxes but not all of them: only the one which are needed to build and maintain roads. My religion wants all the roads and streets to disappear
  • A religion which prevents me to enter a building with an odd number of windows
  • A religion which prevents to work on Saturday and eat meat of animals with nails
  • A religion which prevents me to use (in writing and speech) the letter “t” more than 63 times a day
  • A religion that mandates me to always wear a pair of skiing gloves, no matter the season or the work at hand
  • A religion that allows me to only marry two brothers (but only if one of them is not older than 5 years of the other one). Brothers’ sex is not relevant
  • A religion that prevents me to be completely naked in the bathroom, unless there is a living duck or donkey in it
  • A religion that prevents me to eat meat on Fridays

OK, my turn: I will start founding a religion which prevents me to tell you what it is about and which things you can or cannot do to me (and vice-versa).

Good luck.


I’m a software developer and an application system designer. My most recent experience is focused on web projects, from the small to the large sized ones. Over the years I’ve reached a robust and deep understanding and familiarity with web technologies in almost every tier (frontend – JavaScript, HTML(5), CSS – Backend with PHP, Python, Ruby/Rails, Drupal and middleware using Apache SOLR, Apache ActiveMQ, various NodeJS servers).

I’ve experience in team leading and client interaction.

I’m a passionate free software advocate, user and contributor. Some of my projects are accessible through my Github account (http://github.com/claudioc). The two most recent and perhaps interesting one are Jingo [https://github.com/claudioc/jingo] and Jecho [https://github.com/claudioc/jecho], Antipad [http://antipad.com]

I also try to maintain a list of other pet projects on my personal website

Specialties, naming the most recent ones: front-end development, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, Drupal, CSS, PHP, HTML5, system integration.

I’m familiar with the Agile development process (Scrum), short releases cycle, git and svn, phantomjs, jasmine and other test tools.

I’ve been fighting Internet Explorer since 1999. Now head of web development @ Number 26 in Berlin, Germany.



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