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My Text in Your Handwriting

There are many scenarios where we wish to imitate a specific author’s pen-on-paper handwriting style. Rendering new text in someone’s handwriting is difficult because natural handwriting is highly variable, yet follows both intentional and involuntary structure that makes a person’s style self-consistent. The variability means that naive example-based texture synthesis can be conspicuously repetitive.

We propose an algorithm that renders a desired input string in an author’s handwriting. An annotated sample of the author’s handwriting is required; the system is flexible enough that historical documents can usually be used with only a little extra effort. Experiments show that our glyph-centric approach, with learned parameters for spacing, line thickness, and pressure, produces novel images of handwriting that look hand-made to casual observers, even when printed on paper.

An example of our user interface can be seen here:

More details can be found on our project webpage:

Please cite our publication:
Tom S. F. Haines, Oisin Mac Aodha and Gabriel J. Brostow
University College London
Transactions on Graphics 2016

Presented at SIGGRAPH 2016

See more of our research here:

and each author’s individual research here:
Tom Haines: http://thaines.com/
Oisin Mac Aodha: http://vision.caltech.edu/~macaodha/
Gabriel Brostow: http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/g.bros…



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