Morandi Bridge Collapse Simulation Genoa

Simulation of the Morandi bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy, in 2018, performed with the Bullet Constraints Builder (BCB) structural simulation software for Blender. The model was built from plans true to scale. Reinforcement information was estimated in part from photos of the destroyed bridge. In order to narrow down the likely collapse scenario this video includes simulation results for different initial failure points. The characteristics of the debris heaps in comparison to reality often can provide an indication on what has probably happened.
Satellite image for comparison with results:…
This software is developed at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Written within the scope of EU Inachus FP7 Project (607522): Technological and Methodological Solutions for Integrated Wide Area Situation Awareness and Survivor Localisation to Support Search and Rescue (USaR) Teams
Viadotto Polcevera (ponte Morandi) simulazione, Genova, Italia

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