Monday, March 12, 2018, MELTIN MMI (Head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Kasuya, hereinafter MELTIN) presents its independently developed avatar robot “MELTANT-α” (MELTANTAlpha).

MELTIN aims to transcend the limitations of physical bodies through its development of cyborg technologies designed unleash the creativity of human beings. The first step in this process was its development of a practical myoelectric prosthesis. This prosthesis included cyborg technologies that allowed for processing of bio-signals to faithfully replicate the movements of the body and technologies to limit its robotic mechanisms.
MELTANT-α is an avatar robot concept that makes use of the knowledge gained through developing this technology.

The hand and finger included in MELTANT-α allows for movements that are extremely close to those of the human hand. The complex movements it can make combine flexibility, speed, power, durability, and accurateness, creating “another body” that allows users go to anywhere in the world.

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