Meet My Next Guest, Richard M Stallman

Thanks to generous and overwhelming support from my patrons, I am making this video available for free of cost. However, please consider supporting my work so I can continue to travel and create such great video.

The video was shot in 4K from three Panasonic GH5s camera. It was recorded using $1700 Sennheiser AVX-ME2 microphones. I spend over 5-6 hours to edit the multi-cam set-up. I also travelled to Boston and stayed in a hotel to conduct this interview. So there was a lot of cost involved. Patreon makes it easy for supporters and fans to support my work all the way from $1 to what ever amount they deem fit.

Please bear in mind that journalism is my full time job, that’s what pays my bills. So, please consider supporting me.

One more thing: free software does NOT mean free of cost. I see a lot of people have a misconception there. I am making this video available for free of cost thanks to some generous support from Patreon that helped me recover the cost.

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