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Maya Pedal Guatemala – Bicycle-powered machines

Maya Pedal, a Guatemalan organization that produces “bicimaquinas,” or bicycle-powered machines.

Maya Pedal supports many community projects in collaboration with local, national and international groups. We provide training workshops to NGOs interested in implementing pedal technology in their own communities, including bicycle machine repair and maintenance and innovative uses of the machines. Each group brings their own energy and creativity to the project, helping to successfully meet the needs of diverse communitities.

National Projects

  • Technology for Health, Coban
  • PRODESSA, San Pedro Jocopilas Santa Cruz del Quiche
  • International Foundation Against Hunger, Jocotan, Chiquimula
  • Finca PARRAXE, Samayac, Suchitepequez
  • CARE, Chichicastenango
  • VALHALLA Organic Macademia Nut Farm,
  • ALISEI, Quetzaltenango
  • Indigenous Institute of Santiago, Guatemala City

Regional Projects

Maya Pedal works with a number of local groups, working to implement community-based projects using pedal technology. Each of the following groups uses bicycle machines to increase their productive capacity and develop a stronger local economy.

:: Family Group Lirio de los Valles, Chimaltenango

This family group has been very successful producing their own organic animal feed with a bicycle mill/ corn degrainer for their farm of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pigs. They mill approximately 300 lbs. of feed per day.

:: Women for Development in Action, San Andrés Itzapa

This local women’s collective produces 100% organic aloe shampoo from plants they grow in their own homes, using the bicycle blender. The sale of this shampoo helps support their families and fund their independently-run municipal reforestation project.

:: Family Group Pachay las Lomas, San Martín

This small family group focuses their energy on using all types of alternative rural technology. Their family farm uses a bicycle water pump to tap a clean aquifer 30 meters underground, and a solar roaster for beans. In addition, they run a small workshop for Microconcrete Tiles using Maya Pedal’s concrete vibrator.

:: Women’s Group AZUCENA, San Martín

AZUCENA is made up of a group of 13 families in the remote area of San Martín. The collective produces animal feed from their corn harvest using the bicycle corn degrainer and mill. They also run a spanish literacy project for indigenous women in the community.

:: Campesino Associaction, San Andrés Itzapa

This is a larger organization in the area, comprised of both men and women that works to develop efficient organic practices in agriculture. They use the bicycle mill/corn degrainer to produce animal feed, and the bicycle blender to produce shampoo.


Worldwide Cycling Atlas is an editorial project by Selle Royal.

In 1997, in San Andrés Itzapa in Guatemala, Maya Pedal Association began recycling scraps of bicycles into Bicimáquinas.

Bicimáquinas are pedal-powered blenders, washing machines and threshing machines, eliminating the need for fuel and electricity. Pumps are also possible, and are capable of extracting 30 liters of water per minute from 30-meter deep wells (electronic pumps reach just to 12 meters).

The idea of these ingenious contraptions emerged from the desire to help the farming families of the San Andrés community. The issue that gave rise to Maya Pedal was the expense and shortage of electricity and fuel in the village.

Carlos and Cesar, creators of Maya Pedal, have achieved an extraordinary result: a worthy project that does not pollute and is extremely fascinating in its involvement of volunteers from around the world who are building a fantastic pedal revolution.



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