MAKERphone is hackable

All these kits are plug and play. The kits include Sensors, controls and Monitoring devices.

You will be able to buy individual modules in a survey after the campaign ends.

Here is a list of modules that will be available:

MAKERbuino to adapter ($5.00, bundled, max one per order) Current Monitoring Controller

– 2 Channels up to 70 Amps ($42.00) Temperature Sensor – Wide Range: -40°C to +125°C($15.00) Humidity and Temperature Sensor ($15.00) 3 Axis Accelerometer ($15.00) Gyroscope – 16 bit Triaxial ($15.00) Light Sensor – 16 Bit with Programmable Gain ($15.00) Pressure Sensor – 300-1100 hPa (15.00) Gas Sensor – Ammonia Benzene Alcohol Sensor ($15.00) Buzzer – For those times you need a buzzing MAKERphone ($13.00) Blue LED Display – 3-Character 7 Segment Display ($13.00) Potentiometer – 2-Channel 256 Position($13.00) Relay Controllers – 2, 4, or 8 Channels with up to 30 Amp Ratings ($24.00 – $55.00) Analog to Digital Converter ($15.00) Digital to AnalogConverter ($15.00) IoT Training Kit ($49.95)

Find out more about MAKERphone here:…

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