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Lux AI: Robot helping children with autism spectrum disorder

Many children with autism have problems in interacting with people and are challenged by humans’ social behaviors. However, these children are often very interested in technology and in particular in robots and feel more comfortable while working with robots and can stay engaged for a longer time. In this video, we look into multiple reasons showing why robots are effective tools when it comes to helping children with autism in their social and communicational skills.

As every child with autism is unique and has his own level of abilities and needs, the therapist needs to customize and adjust the contents based on the situation and needs of each child. QTrobot can easily be customized and programmed to conduct the curriculums via its graphical interface. The therapist can adapt and adjust the contents during the training to meet the specific requirement from the child at once by manually controlling QTrobot. This tailor-made solution leads to high quality in training, resulting in significant improvements in children as well as satisfied and motivated therapists.

Website: http://luxai.com/qtrobot-for-autism/



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