Ramón Esono Ebalé. Actually in prison for drawing the comic book “la pesadilla de Obi”.

Ramón Nse Esono Ebalé (born November 22, 1977) is an Equatorial Guinean illustrator and comics artist. He draws under the pseudonym Jamón y Queso (“Ham and Cheese” in Spanish).

In 2014, with dialogue written by an anonymous collaborator in Malabo, Ebalé drew the graphic novel La pesadilla de Obi (Obi’s Nightmare). It was funded by the Non-governmental organization EGJustice. The book is described as “a satirical day-in-the-life that imagines what it would be like for Obiang himself, accustomed to unbridled control of his country’s economy, to wake up as an unemployed, witless husband in one of Malabo’s dreary slums.” Lacking opportunities for legal distribution within Equatorial Guinea, the Spanish edition of book was distributed sub rosa by individuals.

In September 2017, Ebalé was arrested in Malabo and imprisoned at the notorious Black Beach prison.

In November 2017, Cartoonists Rights Network, International gave Ebalé its Courage in Editorial Cartooning annual award, to draw attention to his imprisonment.


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