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LINK: “Laboratory Instrument Computer”


The LINC (Laboratory INstrument Computer) is a 12-bit, 2048-word computer. The LINC is considered the first minicomputer and a forerunner to the personal computer. Originally named the “Linc”, suggesting the project’s origins at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, it was renamed LINC after the project moved from the Lincoln Laboratory. The LINC was designed by Wesley A. Clark and Charles Molnar.

The DigiBarn hosts a special panel of the original designer, builders and programmers of the LINC computer, a paradigm shift in 1962. Project headed by Wes Clark at MIT Lincoln Laboratories which later moved to Washington University in St. Louis. The LINC established the experience and practice of personal, interactive computing and contributed significantly to the development of the Arpanet, computing in science, the minicomputer revolution of the 1960s and 70s, open, home-brewed hardware and software, and much more. Panelists include: Wes Clark, Tom Chaney, Scott Robinson, Maurey Pepper, Jerry Cox, Gerald Johns and Mary Allen Wilkes. Hosted by Bruce Damer of the DigiBarn Computer Museum. Held at the tenth Vintage Computer Festival in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on November 4, 2007.

New York Times (Feb 28 2016):

Wesley A. Clark, Made Computing Personal, Dies at 88



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