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If you liked Amiga, you will love Icaros Desktop

Icaros Desktop 2.2 has been released

Icaros Desktop is a complete operating system for your PC. This basically means it may operate like Windows or Linux, you just need to install it on a spare blank parition of your hard drive. It cannot run your Windows or Linux software, though, because Icaros Desktop is based on AROS and it is designed to be somehow compatible with Amiga software only. When dealing with Icaros Desktop, you need to know the difference between “Native” and “Hosted”, and between “Live!” and “Light”.


Zune Paint

AROS originally stood for Amiga Research Operating System, but to avoid any trademark issues with the Amiga name, it was changed to the recursive acronym AROS Research Operating System.

The mascot of AROS is Kitty, created by Eric Schwartz and officially adopted by the AROS Team in December 2, 2002.

Since April 2009, the name VMWAros has been changed into “Icaros Desktop” to avoid ambiguities with any existing copyrighted Virtual Machine of any kind. Amiga 68K emulation integration, 3D acceleration for Nvidia cards and latest updates of applications can be found there.



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