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Lemote Yeeloong netbook

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Lemote Yeeloong 8101B

Stallman’s only computer is a Lemote Yeeloong netbook (using the same company’s Loongson processor) which he chose because it can run with 100% free software even at the BIOS level, stating “freedom is my priority. I’ve campaigned for freedom since 1983, and I am not going to surrender that freedom for the sake of a more convenient computer.”  Lemote is a joint venture of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an institution of the State Council of China. Stallman’s Lemote was stolen from him in 2012.  In January 2010, he was using the gNewSense operating system and he still used it in April 2014.


1) The world’s first fully free software. All system source files(BIOS, kernel, drivers etc.) are free software, no close firmware needed.

2) High performance. Tests show that our platform is among the best performance for 9″-10.1″ultra mobile laptops.

3) Low power. Peak power ~12Watt for SSD version.

4) Low cost. We provide very competitive price.

5) High quality. This product is designed and produced by Quanta Computer, the No.1 notebook OEM factory.

6) Rich expandability: optional HDD/wifi/camera, internal USB connector for expansion of GPS/Bluetooth etc.




This is a collection of miscellaneous information about Lemote and the Yeeloong. For information about gNewSense for Yeeloong, refer to GNewSenseToMIPS



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