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Japan the government is back to war…


For nearly seventy years, after the Second World War, Japan has been a “pacifist” country.

Japan was almost constricted to be that:

article nine of the “establishment of peace” that Japan adopted after the WWII says

“Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation

and the threat or use of force as an instrument to solve international disputes.

The forces of land, sea or air, as well as other potential instruments of war, will never be maintained”.

Words similar to those written in the “Constitutions” of most of Western countries,

all of them pacifists countries, but not enough to renounce and send their armies

and taking part to dozens of wars.

Calling them “peace missions” or “international police actions”, of course.

Japanese are different.

In Japan, if law says that they never consider “as an instrument for resolving international disputes”,

it means that you will never send troops abroad.

Normal after three million deaths and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

that Japanese do not want neither to be pronounced the word “war”

(according to polls, 80 percent of the Japanese said that Japan should remain pacifist).

Now seems that priorities for Japanese government has changed.

A government that, as in many other countries, often seems do not follow the will of people.

Despite several peace demonstrations and the technical difficulties

(to change or abolish this article needs two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament

and a referendum), the government decided it’s time to change this law.

Never mind if the people would never approve such a change:

they just won’t be called to express their opinion in a referendum:

changing the law will be just a different “interpreting”.

For this reason, a few days ago,

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked the lower house of parliament to approve two bills

that “reinterpret” the article. The government justified this decision asking for new “self-defense forces”

authorized to take action “only in case of conflicts that jeopardize the security of the nation”.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said

that the repeal of the Japanese pacifist constitution

“is an act unprecedented since the Second World War”

and that now “it is perfectly legitimate to ask if Japan give up its policy-oriented defense,

abandoning the line of peaceful development”.

C.Alessandro Mauceri


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