More than 2700 years of history nothing has thought to the Italian political system.

To the Sicily’s Regional Government elections have participated all those parties which have robbed to the Italian State and are not yet punished, plus a number of spontaneous organizations with no money and no capacity of buying votes.

The new party of Beppe Grillo, even if hag got the largest number of votes has not got the Presidency of the Regional Government.

PDL party for instance, i.e. the party of Silvio Berlusconi, has got 15% of votes: 10% of them belong to ‘clientes’ (clients) who got money donations, bribery, corrupted favors and other kinds of benefits, and 5% belong to ingenuous people who have voted by habitude without reasoning on their choices and behavior. Certainly, dear reader, votes as any other product are ‘habit forming’. People have voted for the Communist or Democrazia Cristiana party for ideology (habitude to thinking always in the same way).

For the national votes in next March we will certainly have the same climate, environment, and way of doing.

So, how can the Italian Parliament (which should be the house of all Italian citizens) be correctly represented if our house has been burgled by those parties who participate to next votes? How can any Mr. Giuseppe Volpe or Mrs. Anna Rossi be elected if they have no money for corrupting voters?

Why it is permitted to those parties to participate to votes if they have been condemned by several Italian Courts for robbery?

No rubber, stealer, burglar, or bribery and corruption giver can represent me in no place and with no kind of proxy.  So I can have no representation.

Then: “No taxation without representation”, as the American Settlers answered to Her Majesty’s Government when they freed from the British oppression.

Farewell, Repubblica Italiana, you have not been the first regime we have had in our territory and you’ll certainly not be the last.


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