Rice Araújo: Pace


He started in the field of graphic design when he was 12 and in 1984, he started in publicity creation, currently, his main activity. As a cartoonist and comical cartoonist, he worked for a union in Osasco (Sindicato dos
Metalúrgicos de Osasco), where he participated in the publication of “IlustrAção” (IllustrAction), a retrospective of the 30 years of illustration in the union press and of the book “Vítimas” (Victims) about accidents in the work, publications that contributed so that the union got the prize of best union press in that time.
Although he has not participated in many humor festivals, he got good results in some of
them. In 2005, he created one jingles for Rede Globo and in 2006 another one on the theme
“social inclusion through sports”. Also participated in the publications “celularidades”, “Tiras
de Letra Agora ou Nunca”, “Brasil do Bem” , “Picles Magazine”, “Noel é 100” and “Ziraldo85
– ao mestre com carinho”.
Some awards:
Two first places in Mauá’s Humor Show. Category: Comical Cartoon
Two first places in Santos’ Humor Festival. Category: Comical Cartoon
2nd Place in Santos’ humor Festival. Category: Comical Cartoon
2nd place in the 1st Paraguaçu Paulista’s humor Festival. Category: Caricature
Honorable Mention in the 2nd Paraguaçu’s Humor festival. Category: Caricature
9nd place in the humor contest of Rhinoceros – Srpska. Category: Caricature
Participation in the Foz do Iguaçu’s Humor Festival. Category: Comical Cartoon
4nd place in the humor contest of Barakaldo – Spain. Category: Comical Cartoon
Honorable Mention: The 5nd ECOCARTOON Humor festival. Category: Comical Cartoon
10th place in the International Biennial of Comic Strips – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Individual exhibition at UNIVATES, Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
Money prize: Piracicaba ́s Humor Festival – UNIMEP. Category Comical Cartoon
Special Prize: Piracicaba ́s Humor Festival – UNIMEP. Categoryies Comical Cartoon/Cartoon
1st place: FlashExpo Oscar – Category: Caricature


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