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Prof. Enrico Furia e Ing. Fabio Sipolino (il Progetto CROM)

Crom Alternative Currency – Social Network And Payment System is a project of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association that represent a tool for development of local community economies through which with wider possibilities the volume of trading is increased. The Crom Alternative Currency System is an institutional and a referent communication point which enables its members to perform exchanges. It stimulates people to cooperate rather than to compete among themselves. If we, the people, change orientation from economy based on mutual competition to economy of mutual cooperation based on laws of nature and logic, we will have enough food and energy; after an era reigned by manipulation, the age of love and happy interaction, conscience and rationality will appear.

In contrast to current global monetary system in which, through interest-bearing debt, fractional reserve, tax and inflation as the only possible choice of People of the World is the choice imposed by elite financial powers; Crom Alternative Value System through cooperative economy offers unlimited development and application of human fantasy, creativity and ingenuity.

Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is a system in which everyone can trade their property or services, using money or without it. Nobody is forcing anybody to trade, and nobody stops anybody from trading. If two parties reach an agreement – regardless of governments and their laws, banks and their regulations, religions and their instructions – trade of a certain value has been accomplished. Since the wealth is being traded and not the poverty, the trade results in satisfaction of both sides. Nobody wanted to cheat anybody, nobody outsmarted anybody. Everybody accepts this kind of trade because it ensures a fair distribution of wealth, which is one of the basis requirements for collective happiness and birth of friendship.

Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is a system in which there is no monopoly, everyone can become producer. Since everyone can by their own free choice buy only things that benefit them, each manufacturer’s interest is to make his customers happy with his products and services; otherwise, because no invisible hand in the system exist, the producer fails. Since nobody is forced to buy more than he really needs, free market by itself automatically optimizes resource allocation in most rational possible way.

In Crom Alternative Currency System, as an universal medium of payment among all other possibilities of free choice of means of payment, circulates a currency designed in a way to prevent manipulations that have, ever since the invention of money, destroyed free markets and prevented their development. Crom Alternative Currency is a type of money which in principle represents a free market by itself. Crom Alternative Currency is compatible in its nature with free market, it functions in a way that encourages and develops free market. In other words, instead allowing someone to, on its expense, imposes something on it by law, social community that exists within Crom System is the one that, as free market, alone by itself makes and implements decisions to its own benefit.

Universal value as a medium of payment and a medium of exchange of the global character, that from thought has been brought into existence under the name of Crom Alternative Currency, is an idea that offers really many advantages and a real alternative to a war for the money that has marked human existence. Its biggest disadvantage – money centralization, is eliminated through the principle that is in the core of this worth appraisal and exchange system: “Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet”. As an essential need, decentralization of money has been achieved in this system in a unique way, different from all other existing alternatives in the world – nobody can ban anybody from using any desired medium of payment or medium of exchange in his trade and business conduct, that for him represent the best form of money. A free market where anyone can, at his own discretion, choose his best type of money – as long as other side accepts it too – is definitely much better approach to solving the problem of centralized money than restricting area of its usage through local currencies. Furthermore, with regard to the money decentralization, a big difference when compared with traditional structure of power represents a fact that owners of Crom Alternative Currency System are not powerful individuals, but equally all members of the community.

Within Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System we have reoriented from the “debt – money” concept to a “property – money” concept, and abolished the use of interests. Within the system, fractional reserve is unknown term, too. An insane need for constant credit expansion and constant increase of gross domestic product has been eliminated, and taxes and price inflation have also become a part of history.

When compared with the world official currencies which instead of real values represent financial debts that float against each other in a sea of despair, and compared with most local and complementary currencies that due to the fact that their value derives from the connection with aforementioned official national currencies – are in essence only their proxy currencies; Crom is really an alternative in the full sense of that word. By definition, as a currency Crom represents combination of fixed quantity of five precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium that are incorporated in one basket. As such, Crom is the measure of value and value of the measure in the same time. Simultaneously it serves as a unit of account, as a medium of exchange and as store of value.

With specific definition of Crom Alternative Currency, and by method of issuing and distributing it, money supply is regulated in an optimal manner that supports rational relationship between production and consumption. Although Crom Worth Appraisal And Exchange System is sovereign; although its purchasing power is stable and independent of national monetary policies and global financial trends because of the basket of precious metals whose fixed quantity represents; the manner in which members of the system conduct trades and fulfill their obligations is simple and sufficiently flexible.

Crom Alternative Currency System is oriented towards cooperation between people and life style within their possibilities, which are not so small. Nature generously gives us an abundance of everything we need to survive. Common sense produces healthy and logical solutions: Industrialization, mechanization and robotization should provide a better life for a man with enough free time. Since prosperity never emanates from destruction of goods, war for profit certainly can not create general prosperity.

The most important characteristic of this sovereign alternative worth appraisal and exchange system is assuredly a fact that its ultimate goal is completely opposite in relation to official monetary-financial system: Instead of complete dependency on banking-political control apparatus, it transforms man into a creature as independent as possible and less vulnerable to economic crisis. Therefore, the motivation of people to self-sufficiency in securing basic life needs such as water, food and energy, is maximally supported at these web pages.


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