La nostra serie LE SINFONIE DEI DIMENTICATI ancora non aveva “riesumato” alcun compositore lettone. Provvediamo subito, accendendo i riflettori su Janis Ivanovs, compositore di notevole carattere e forza espressiva. Vale veramente la pena ascoltare una delle sue 21 sinfonie. Buon ascolto


Jānis Ivanovs (9 October 1906 in Babri, Preiļi — 27 March 1983 in Riga) was a Soviet Latvian classical music composer.
In 1931, he graduated from the Latvian State Conservatory in Riga. In 1944, he joined the conservatory’s faculty, becoming a full professor in 1955. He is regarded as being the most distinguished Latvian symphonist. His love of melody is evident in each of his compositions, and forms the essence of his works. He often drew inspiration from the native songs of the Latgale district in eastern Latvia. His grasp of orchestral color and musical texture were highly regarded by his colleagues. The Latvian composer and music critic, Margers Zarins, described Ivanovs’ symphonies as “like ancient Greek tragedies, filled with ecstasy and purification.” He is mostly remembered for his twenty-one symphonies. Nevertheless, he composed in many other fields, including five symphonic poems, one concerto apiece for piano, violin and cello, three string quartets, and numerous vocal, piano and various chamber works.
He became the People’s Artist of the USSR in 1965, was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1950 and Latvian SSR State Prize in 1959 and 1970.The Symphony No.17 was completed in 1976.

Latvian State Symphony Orchestra/Vassily Sinaisky.



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