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Aumentano le emissioni di CO2 in Europa

CO2 emissions increase in Europe (in spite of the promises made by all European countries and by EU during the COP21 and later – a few weeks ago – in New York). The proof are the figures communicated by Eurostat a few days ago: in most countries European Union, in 2015, emissions have grown. The negative record is up to Slovakia, where the increase was 9.5 percent). Also Portugal (+ 8,6percent), Hungary (+ 6,7percent), Belgium (+ 4,7percent) and Bulgaria (+ 4,6percent) have provided a strange performance.

Few are the countries where emissions have decreased: Malta, Estonia, Denmark, Finland and Greece. Positive performances that had little impact on the total release in the most CO2 emitters: Germany, Britain, Italy, France and Poland.
But the most serious problem is that this overall increase is a reversal of the trend in emissions declining in recent years. Especially considering that European Union, at the COP21 in Paris, had undertaken to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40per cent by 2030.

C.Alessandro Mauceri



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