IRATA.ONLINE is a new service for retro-computing enthusiasts, built on the foundation of PLATO and CYBIS, which provides a unique combination of social, educational, and programming features into one place, for computers new and old. In this video, I quickly walk through the various parts of the system, in an introductory fashion, and at the end I show using the system with an Atari 800 computer with the PLATO cartridge.

This is an experiment to provide something better than a BBS, by making something that is not only multi-user, but provides a complete social development experience for its users.

IRATA.ONLINE is a PLATO based system, which has the following pervasive features:

  • Multi-User
  • Graphical, with combinations of text, line graphics, and custom character sets, as well as 24-bit color (on supported terminals)
  • Touch screen support
  • Terminals available for PC, Mac, Linux, Atari 8-bit, and soon Android and iOS.
  • Multi-Player Games
  • Notes files for social posting on a growing variety of topics
  • Talk with other users, anywhere in the system, even in games!
  • Help with tutorials to introduce you to the system.
  • Development environment to make new programs for the system.
  • Lots of existing educational content, because it’s a PLATO system.
  • Screen sharing facilities, even with multiple participants




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