A game kinda like space invaders, but the invaders evolve with genetic algorithm.

If you want to see a live version of it, it’s hosted here.


You are the last hope of the human kind as the defense against the InvaderZ. They are deployed by their mothership with the sole purpose of entering earth’s atmosphere. Although they are not a danger for you as an individual, if 5 of them gets through, everything is doomed. You can only shoot one projectile at the time, so be mindful, as you are not getting another shot until the last fired projectile disperse into the space or hits a target. Each InvaderZ has a shape that influence how they move. When a InvaderZ dies, they upload their progress to the mothership, so it can generate more InvaderZ like the ones who did well before. After each 7 generations of InvaderZ, the mothership generates a complete new wave of InvaderZ keeping only the very best of the last past 7 generations.

Genetic Algorithm

A random population of InvaderZ are generated at the beginning of the game.

The fit score of the InvaderZ is how far it made through the earth’s atmosphere.

The way they move are directly related to their body shape.

After they die, a new wave of InvaderZ are created by crossing over the InvaderZ with the higher fit score.





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