Introduction to Comparative US/EU Company Law

Introduction to The U.S.A.-E.U. Comparative Company Law


Enrico furia

Chapter I
General aspects of company formation.

– Corporation and joint venture definition. – Incorporation Documents and Bylaws.
– Stocks, shares, value, surplus, equities.
– Annual fees and taxes.

– Domestic and foreign companies. Residence and domicile of a company. – Domestication of a company.
– Residence and citizenship in setting up a company.
– Not-for-profit companies.

Chapter II
The World Trade Organization (W.T.O.)
and the European Union (E.U.) rules and prescriptions

– The European Union as a body of law.
– The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), and the World Treaty Organ­

– The fundamental freedoms of the GATT and the E.U’s Treaties.

– The freedom of establishment.
– The freedom of movement for workers and the bilateral treaties. – The freedom to provide services.
– The freedom of public procurements.
– Free movement of goods.
– The freedom of capital movement and payment.
– The jurisdiction of the State of residence or domicile.

Chapter III
Incorporating in the United States of America

– How to incorporate in the USA
– What information must be included in the Certificate of Incorporation. – Fees charge for incorporating.
– How to reserve a corporate name.

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Enrico Furia – Introduction to Comparative US/EU Company Law

– How to transact business in the States if a company is already incorporated in another State of jurisdiction.

– How to amend the Certificate of incorporation.
– The difference between “Open” and “Close” Corporation. – Sole Proprietorships.
– The General Partnership.
– The Limited Partnership.
– Corporations.
– The Limited Liability Company.
– Incorporation documents.

Chapter IV Incorporating in the European Union


– Incorporating in: – Belgium

– Denmark – France
– Germany – Italy

– United Kingdom.

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Enrico Furia
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