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An Interview recorded in Paris by Méhania Madié and Koray Kaya


Méhania Doumbia [Me] – So how can you link money and fashion, because in your film there was a guy who talking about capital and how it is really deeply connected to the music industry?
Koray Kaya – Are you asking for the next project fashion at first? (We talk about his next project earlier)
Méhania Doumbia- Yes, correct.
Koray Kaya- Ok… It is a different case, because when you see too much money in the industry then there must be consumers also… I mean generally stupid people. Because stupid people consume without thinking. And the industry needs those kinds of people to grow up, to be more creative rapidly because of capitalist competitions
This is a kind of paradox… “Ignorance is bliss”: this expression can represent that paradox.
In fashion I think the situation is worse because in music if you buy an album or a ticket to go to the concert, you can feed yourself by new frequencies and to represent it in your own life, you must work, you must comprehend, there must be passion. But in fashion for example if you are rich you can buy the taste of a good designer and it is easily yours. You can wear it and show it directly. It is not abstract as music. But in some point, it is same if we talk about cultural levels. Because in both dimensions, I mean for music and fashion or anything else [who] fascinates people, you must have a high cultural level. But to be simple is not easy. Because you can buy the music or clothes… but you can not buy the style. In both sides you need passion with or without money.
For example, in poor side of Africa or in India when we see a guy with Gucci or Versace logo t-shirt, it seems to us automatically imitated or it can not seem to us fashionable… It is absurd… Probably the shirt is not original or whatever… but what if it is original? It’s not the point… Because poor people can not wear original clothes… they don’t need [them]. It’s not their priority… They need bread, they need water.
Why do we talking about an original brand shirt? It is absurd… but yes there are some obsessive poor people in Congo they are really obsessive about fashion, about original clothes… There is a documentary about it. This is another case.
So I mean I think the point is what we are hungry about [thing]… Some people are hungry about food, some people are hungry about design…
I’m still thinking and working on it…
Méhania Doumbia- So do you mean that some people are showing their richness with their clothes?
Koray Kaya- In my opinion, style represents the character of [all of us]. It represents your perception consciousness, obsessions… your intelligence. Your style represents your welfare level of your life… People can run away from you or they can admire just because of your style. Some people want to be like a rock star or more, but some of us want to be almost invisible… But some of us want just to be useful. Now I remember The Soul Train TV show in America in 70s… what a colourful Afro-American awakening!? African people seem to me always a bit more colourful.
Méhania Doumbia- What is the difference?
Koray Kaya- Between white and black people? Or maybe i should say brown people?
Méhania Doumbia- Yes it could be better… (laughing)

Koray Kaya- There must be differences of course in some points culturally. But the European people exploited the Africans for a long time… So now in the new age we can see lots of Africans in Paris completely French… Same for America or England. My point is when I walk around in Paris I see many hairdressing salons or shops and there are only African people in these places… I’m saying to myself “c’monn Kory enter and say hi…” and ask why there is no any white here? And I can not do it… I’m afraid. Not all of them, but some of them looks like more racist then racists… Maybe it is their solidarity, but one day it can become their racism… Because I felt frighten. Fear creates anger… Anger creates violence… By the way I have lots of African friends and i love them.
Méhania Doumbia- Yes this separation can create anger and people are always concerned about the origins. Now African people are almost more numerous then French people so in future (around 20 or 25 years) if anger wins it’s quiet dangerous… It can become another type of racism because of the anger of the past.
Koray Kaya- Especially in Paris, if people are curious about the origins… In this age after all, in Paris, in 2016 one people asking what is your origin… What is your purpose? Why are you asking me this? What you’re gonna do with the information I give?
Once a woman told me that she was just curious about my culture that’s why she asked… I said “No if you wonder about my culture, please ask me about culture… Don’t be straight please. Ask me about the music, ask me about the films or foods, the things i love or my passion in my life… What can you do with my origin? We are in Paris c’mon!”
Méhania Doumbia- I understand that… My father is brown and when someone asks him about his origin he says “I’m French” and every time people say that it’s impossible!
Koray Kaya- Because he is brown.
Méhania Doumbia- Yes… Sometimes, when people ask the same for me, I say to myself that even it is a issue for me to be considered as a black woman (who I’m not, I’m both, and white, and black, or light brown, I don’t know), any way I am trying to be positive by thinking they are just trying to learn about the culture…
Koray Kaya- No no no no… it’s not the right way to learn culture. That is why we are talking about the style… You even don’t need to ask the origin because you can analyse the style for example… The style represents already the culture… Then if it is not enough you can ask the philosophy of course, if you have a philosophy in your life. So what is my suggestion? I want my DNA test results as an ID card… Yes maybe it is expensive today, but yes in future it can be easier. In this way, when someone will ask my origin, I [will be able] to show my DNA card simply…
Méhania Doumbia- I think DNA Card can not better than a National ID Card. It is still dangerous.
Koray Kaya- Why? The generations becoming mixed up it’s good, I think…
Méhania Doumbia- Because then some people will be always able to say “I’m more French then you or more African or German then you”… It can create different conflicts!
Koray Kaya- Oww… You right! No difference. I agree respect. Yea, some [people] can arrange fake cards also… or results… ok it was a joke!!
Méhania Doumbia- (laughs) In your film, there was another guy who talking about the stars and the frames and he was saying like there is a limitation to understand our perceptions, fantasies something like that… and I think it is pretty true… We put borders between us and we put borders to our fantasies at the same time…

K- Yes Arto Tunc… He is a spiritual shamanic musician… The favourite one for the general audience… Yes he says it is late… When you see the stars, actually it is not ether maybe its [already] gone… It is late. You think, you imagine going [into] far far galaxies, then you prepare some machines to go but it is late because you see the stars with your eyes and you imagine beyond of them but you can go just to Mars. It is late… Or you create a piece of paper and you put number… [a value] and you become its slave… Even to understand what we created for ourselves it’s late, but if you look inside of yourself things can be simpler… Actually we don’t need to go faraway to comprehend the truth… Just look inside because every one of us is the universes already… He says, I think, maybe in time, in a way, humankind is gonna leave this planet…
Méhania Doumbia- About leaving, another question… all the musicians you interviewed was in the risk? I mean because of the political situation in Turkey? Is it forbidden to go back for you? Is there someone in the film in your situation now?
Koray Kaya- Actually to go Turkey is not forbidden for me but risky… Why? Because I am a political person… I made a political film… It is awarded by independent festival… If i made another political film so I’ll become more famous, and if I become more famous then I’ll become dangerous. That’s why every day the dictatorship arrests journalists, artists or any opponent who can be dangerous or can be followed by the masses because of their ideas. So I am a young filmmaker in some point actually i see myself a kind of sociologist… And I am against dictatorship… So if I keep living there, I’ll become more dangerous every day because I am growing up… But being dangerous [for the government] is also dangerous for me. I gave my all… I did my best… I understood now Middle East has a certain chaos… Of course one day everything will be ok again just like in old ancient times in history… Middle East will grab again its welfare for sure… But maybe a hundred or three hundred years later… not now. And my life time is not enough for this evolutionary plan. I’m done… I tried and I saw… Nope no way… I can not fight anymore… I won’t fight… I want to dance… i made my decision. Look if you call a wale to your war on earth for help… of course wale doesn’t refuse your call, because it’s a kind animal… but even if the wale comes to support you on earth… Nope wales can not fight on earth… They die… They are belonging the ocean… They can not fight on earth… They are ok for singing in the ocean… and they are dancing while swimming… but it is not quite easy to be a whale… did you know this? Wales are living in the ocean but they are always holding their breath before diving… and they can hold their breath maximum one hour. And they don’t prefer to live on earth. They prefer to hold the breath and to stay in the ocean. I feel like a wale which trying to fight on earth when I’m in Turkey… Nope I can not do it anymore… I prefer to stay in the ocean. I’m gonna hold my breath and I’m gonna sing and swim… And the ocean is Europe for me now because art and freedom [are] still alive here in spite of all European social problems… At least to think and to express are still not crime. I can not save a country this is not my style… I can be the good part of the world… I’m not a nationalist guy… to pass higher level we must reach to the global peace without red lines….
Méhania Doumbia- I understand that, it’s like the song of Lucky Dube which asks “Do you want to be a Well-fed slave or an hungry free man”? …
You were talking before about being the slave of a piece of paper and there was a question like “what is difference between of money and toilette paper?” in your film…

Koray Kaya- Yes true… same guy. So what is my approach? Hm ok, so… look; i was concerning about the future of youth and I was been witness of a new generation’s awakening in the concerts or expositions. I was meeting many artists… And I said “yes it is unavoidable: This country or world is ruling by wrong people by old and sick state of minds…” Yes it is unavoidable one day youth will scream for their rights for the change… Maybe in 10 years maybe in 50… You know because Istanbul has a very young population, this detail is very important. So I said why we don’t document a film to base the philosophy of music… because the music was the actual language in that generation, and still it is. By the music yes we can criticise the system of our age to illuminate the next generation… To say to the next generation: Look what we’ve done! But i had to be completely independent to be completely free and honest. So I refused wall sponsorship opportunities because they were always looking for popular names at first… But I was not dealing with the popular culture. So without money I’ve started. I borrowed cameras laptops and hard disks… With the support of my friends in 2 years we put together our sub contexts by the interviews the shootings were finished… I was in the screenplay postproduction process and at that period Gezi events suddenly happened… it was a proof, a living example to demonstrate what we state in our work. And it was created reflexively unpredictably by the folk. Everything was free during the solidarity… it was a certain anarchic movement in the centre of the city people came all around the country even around the world… and the aim was to protect the trees in the park. Because in a morning the government tried to demolish the park to build a mall… And people reacted… they came together to stop them… Then it became a giant resistance… the taxies were free everything was free the cash dispensers were broken by the people… it was to experience a temporary utopia… My dream was become true… But too early. I had no home my only intension was to finish the film to inspire the youth to leave one more water drop in to the glass… But it is already happened. People was saying to me “man are you crazy you gave your years to make an alternative work, you could find a job you are really talented you could buy your house, your car… you are stupid… bla bla bla…” but no i was right. They can not imagine how I’ve satisfied. Because I was made the manifest of the most effective anarchic movement. My instincts was working well… I was not crazy no! i was completely healthy. I knew it. Now i am in Paris as a traveller. Again living in the street. I am homeless. But do you know what is the difference? I’m not looking for the next bear or whine to be warm… I’m looking for the next film so I must find the new friends of mine… I never ask to people money or food. Yes my stomach is empty but it can not rule me… when i talk to someone about my situation you know i robed… if they ask me that am i hungry? I say yes I’m hungry but not for the food. I’m hungry for a good conversation. And I’m asking their passions, their dreams, so every day I’m finding a cosy warm place to sleep and to have a good time with my new friends… Because i have a different target… If your target is to find bear or food yes you’ll grab it, but my target is to make my second film. In that way I find new friends but not temporary. We have lots of good friends but we did not meet yet. Just not yet.
Méhania Doumbia- You said even if your stomach is empty feeding your brain and your soul is more important than to fill your stomach… Because you have a different target. But you can have this target, because you are strong I think… You have a strong mind… But I’m not sure that everybody can have a similar order in their priority.

Koray Kaya- Absolutely… I must be respectful. Because everybody has a different reality… and not everybody can be strong. Must not. Some people have damage trauma in their minds or bodies or souls… But I have a cosy peaceful house in Italia… Nevertheless at the end i can go back home… So I think I should use my abilities to illuminate the weak ones’ reality… But save people is beyond of my abilities. I can not be selfish of course… I can not live as an individual person. I must think and live as humankind. I must be aware… Yes this is painful. But it is already too late. I choose this. I must use my abilities to create new awareness…

Méhania Doumbia- Just like the guy who told in your film… You know the example of the water in a glass… Be the last drop of water which will make down the glass.

Koray Kaya- Yes absolutely! You can not change the world by yourself but you can be the part of the change in a larger scale… In a revolutionary change, you can be the part of the goodness. Or you can keep to abuse the world. But i think we must see the horizon. Make your choice. You are free! Our choices determine our common reality.




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