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I share some TED video recommendations that have inspired me.

Here I share some of many other TEDs that I love. I always try to listen to at least one new one a week and I keep the ones I like the most in a list. This is going to be a first list of recommendations from many, so here are the first 6 TEDs that I love:


The artists and the genius.

Elizabeth Gilbert is an incredible writer, who like many creatives, had her moment of stardom with her book XXX. After that moment, she could not find the light to surpass herself. Her readers had high expectations for her next book, and she just couldn’t get that idea that enlightened her in her best seller. He talks about how society calls artists geniuses, giving them a weight that breaks their creativity. I loved everything he said, I think it is very true and yes, you feel that responsibility of being “a genius”, when in reality, we are all imperfect human beings.

How not to have a plan and achieve it.

Of my favorite contemporary artists, CJ Hendry relates his disastrous story – with his funny way of telling it – and how he jumped from one life plan to another until he ended up doing what he never imagined. For me, it is very inspiring because she is a girl of my generation who has come very far through social networks. She is the living example that if you use your networks correctly, you can be an internationally successful artist.

The power of caricature

Patrick Chappatte, an artist who published in the New York Times before the political cartoons section was removed, is a great speaker. It counts not only the responsibility that one has with each drawing, but the power that they have over us. Show examples of how we can use them to our advantage, to improve ourselves as people, create social fabric (even in countries where there is a terrible social division)


Change society through non-political humor

Liza Donnelly is an American artist who publishes in The New Yorker and is also a great speaker. In this TED, he talks about how drawing reflects society even in the simplest things. Especially how to use humor to empower women. Through humor, sarcasm and intelligence, she seeks to change the rules of how we should be women.

Humor to face death

The story of the Argentine Sebastián Corona is very strong: he talks about how the cancer process that killed his wife was. He talks about Marié, his wife, having a shameless death because he lived his last days with humor, especially black humor. He talks about having a humorous attitude to face reality: death. It is a very interesting TED, which makes you laugh at what you would never imagine. Humor was his way of asserting himself, of mocking death. Sebastián proposes to speak about death without decorum, and thus “die as one lives”.

Dictators hate political cartoons, that’s why I keep drawing them.

In 16 minutes Rayma tells about her career since she was a child, how her experience of harassment and censorship in Venezuela was and how she is dealing today as a migrant. All seen through humor and art, Rayma tells her story accompanied by her drawings. I love this TED Talk not only because she is a Venezuelan cartoonist, but I have the honor of calling Rayma my friend and teacher. In every second of this TED you can meet the personality behind the drawings we saw for 20 years at El Universal.

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