Honeybee and Cell Phone Radiation

Influence of Cell Phone Radiation on Worldwide Decline of Honeybee Population
a student research project at the Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen in Kassel

“For many years beekeepers have been noticing a steady loss of bee population. This phenomenon is called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). It has many causes, too many to list, yet the main reasons for the death of the bees are most likely insecticides and a certain parasite. When we were starting out we heard of a story of a hive, which stood near a cell phone tower. Apparently many bees seemed to lose orientation and some even died because of this. As there is not much scientific research on this particular reason for CCD we wanted to study its significance. To find out how cell phone radiation affects the bees we measure various factors and then turn on a cell phone near the hive for different amounts of time. The aspects we measure include noise, temperature and the amount of bees leaving and entering the hive via a system of light sensors we built ourselves. Furthermore we have an infrared camera that observes the hive and takes pictures. We do not intend to harm the bees by any means. One of us took part in schooling for beekeepers, so we know how to correctly take care of the bees. After we see what kind of results the exposure of the bees to short term cell phone radiation yield we want to do long term measurements, with the cell phone automatically calling at certain times.” (website)


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