HOLBORN 9120 Computer (1983)


This is a Holborn 6100 series computer.

It consists of a system unit 6110 and a 6140 external disk unit. Holborn was a small Dutch company which made computers in the early eighties. As far as I know they build four different model machines. The 6100, 6500, 7100 and the 9100. From the 6500 there is only one prototype known. It’s not sure how many survived. It is not 100% sure but the story goes that there were about totally 200 Holborn machines built. After that IBM killed almost every small computer factory.

The 6100 was available in a dual floppy, or floppy + hard disk. Technical it is possible to attach two external 6140 cases. But it’s not known if this was ever sold that way. The 6140 can hold up to 2x 8″ floppy drives or 1x 8″ floppy drive and a 5.25 FH hard disk plus extra power and a SASI to MFM controller.

holborn 2

The machine can run CP/M and MP/M. In this film the machine runs CP/M 2.2. The machine can hold up to 192KB, 3x 64KB bank switched. This machine is equipped with 96 KB of memory. The processor is a Zilog Z80.

Some people call this computer ET, others are thinking about the Snorks 🙂 I’ve demonstrated Ladder and Snake as vintage games. At the end I start Wordstar.. There were many more programs for these machines. Of course many standard CP/M programs but Holborn made also custom specific programs.

This machine has a Hard disk (again). But these machines are not able to boot from the hard disk. The tricky part is that the hard disk settings are stored on the boot diskette.


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