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GlobaLeaks, Anonymous Whistleblowing platform, 2015

Claudio Agosti co-founder and developer of GlobaLeaks

I’m Claudio Agosti co-founder and developer of GlobaLeaks.

Ill be talking about GlobaLeaks, which aims to bring transparency to show systemactic abuse of power in today world, through Whistleblowing.

Many structures of Power are based on secrecy, and that is not always a good thing. If only one person wihtin a structure of power feel that secrecy represents a threat, they might need a safe and secure way to disclose such information to whom has the ability to react properly.

The concept of democracy is based on a society that is self critical, where there are watchdogs that keep those in power in check, express criticism and raise discussions.

In this historical moment ther is a running debate about Transparency of the state and Privacy of the states.

We don’t know what the boundaries for states are, probably nobody knows, but in order to empower the citizens to become a watchdog of those in power, my NGO, Hermes Center for Transparency and digital human rights, has developed a free software that enable small and large organisation to do whistleblowing experiment, and challenge the current culture of secrecy around the world.

Looking our recent history, Ellsberg, Manning and Snowden, you can say that Whistleblowing comes at a cost and that it is an act of courage. Not everyone can accept such risks and that’s why online anonymity can help.

Enabled with GlobaLeaks technology whistleblowers can contact the journalist, lawyers or activists anonimously, decreasing their personal risk. Journalists can give uncover the secrets and challenge those in power, lawyers can assist the whistleblower if they decide to go public, activists can transform your information into actions.

Our goal with GlobaLeaks is security and flexibility in the Whistleblowing process. Security is needed to mitigate any potential threat faced by a Whistleblowers and in some cases legal support can be organized. Flexibility because the organisations using the software to receive the information can be media, human rights activist, anti-corruption organisation and many others NGO.

One common mistake is that people compare the GlobaLeaks project with Wikileaks. That is incorrent, our goal is to support organisations to create a different little, thematic and specialized whistleblowing initiatives. Where as Wikileaks encourages Whistleblowing through one platform.

The GlobaLeaks process is simple. When a whistleblower submit evidence, he or she chooses who has access to this evidence. The persons entitled to receive the material performs revision, investigate, research and decide to publish using their own channels. In many cases the whistleblower choose their media outlet or investigator based on their trustworthiness.

Every corner of the world that need transparency can manage, maintain, publicize and own its own GlobaLeaks service. Having many political actors using the same approach, will make the initiative resilient, adaptable to cultural differences and compel the current.




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