Glider Ink

Hackers portrayed in mainstream culture are almost exclusively black-hats or hacktivists, with the social dimension of the movement largely ignored.

Glider Ink is a project aiming to create the first graphic novel about hackerspaces, introducing communities and their values to the wider audience.

Glider Ink is a non-profit project. Its goal is to allow the widest audience possible to learn what hackerspaces are – and get inspired.

This project aims to offer exactly that: a graphic novel featuring a space where different people meet, each with their own approach to hacking and ideas about the movement. Some of them will work well together, others will clash, and each conflict will be different.

In the spirit of open source I’d like to license the (web) comic under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA. Providing all source files will allow everybody to translate or improve it. It’s being written in English and Polish with some notes for translators already built-it.





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