Generating fantasy maps


According to the author:


“I wanted to produce something which was a step above the usual alphabetic soup of generated placenames, and which was capable of producing recognisably distinct languages. The initial idea was that different regions of each map would have different languages, but I abandoned this because it was too hard to make it clear that this was what was going on, while still having the languages themselves be interesting.

The problem is to generate something like what the constructed languages (conlang) community call a ‘naming language’. This is a light sketch of a language, focusing purely on the parts which are necessary to produce names. So there’s little to no grammar, but a good sense of what the language sounds like, and how it’s written. An excellent resource on how to do this ‘by hand’ is Mark Rosenfelder’s Language Construction Kit, which goes on to explain how to flesh out your language into something that can manage actual sentences.”


Martin O’Leary

Glaciologist working on ice/ocean interactions – Using computer models and remote sensing data to study processes at the fronts of tidewater glaciers.



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