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This film tells the story of SecureDrop, an anonymous whistleblower upload system, originally developed by Kevin Poulsen & Aaron Swartz

“From DeadDrop to SecureDrop,” is a new film by Lisa Rein, that tells the story of how “SecureDrop” was created to help protect sources — individuals who might not come forward otherwise due the prospect of relentless government persecution and being penalized for telling the truth. Through the film’s simplified format, our intent of this film is both to educate and to inspire potential whistleblowers to take action the next time they encounter corruption they don’t wish to condone and be a part of.

Lisa Rein is a co-founder of Creative Commons, and worked with Aaron Swartz, when he was 15, developing the Creative Commons technical specification. As the organizer for the Aaron Swartz Day and Aaron Swartz International Hackathon that takes place every year in November, on what would have been Aaron’s birthday weekend, she began filming what she thought would be a 15 minute movie about the two or three people involved in SecureDrop’s transition. However, the story kept getting more and more interesting, and every time she did an interview, she would learn about one or two more people who were involved, were intriguing, and were willing to be interviewed about it.

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