Friden Mechanical Calculator 1957

From CuriousMarc. My 1957 Friden STW 10 mechanical calculator is due for an appearance in a high quality documentary about women that made mathematical calculations for NASA. But before the filming, I need to make sure it works.

Friden Calculating Machine Company (Friden, Inc.) was an American manufacturer of typewriters and mechanical, later electronic calculators. It was founded by Carl Friden in San Leandro, California, in 1934. Friden electromechanical calculators were robust and popular.

In 1957, Friden purchased the Commercial Controls Corporation of Rochester, New York. This gave them the Flexowriter teleprinter, an electric typewriter capable of being used as part of unit record equipment developed in World War II for the Department of the Navy to automatically type “regret to inform you” letters to the survivors of fallen servicemen, the predecessor to modern computers. The Flexowriter could be attached to Friden calculators and driven by paper tape to produce bills and other form letters which had names of customers and amounts of bills filled in automatically. Friden eventually expanded into production of a few models of early transistorized computers. – Wikipedia


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