Franco Sartorio, a beautiful mind to be remembered

Ing. Franco Sartorio, torinese, has been one of the pioneers (perhaps the biggest) of mechatronics.

The engineer was a great innovator and entrepreneur. Sartorio, born in 1932, graduated with honors at age 22 in Electrical cleanup games Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin and, the following year, in Mechanical Engineering. In his example have formed cleanup games many young talents.

Under the guidance of Sartorio and with the financial support of Lazzaroni, who made his fortune in the 60s importing and hiring the legendary Pinball machines and other electronic games (on which he had worked in Turin the young Steve Jobs), the Goddess invented the “Machine Measurement of “becoming a standard in a few years the international market. A coordinate measuring machine (CMM, coordinate-measuring machine) is a mechanical device for dimensional measurements, based on a probe that detects the position coordinates of a piece of measurement in a work space. The development of coordinate measuring machines is connected to the development of automated machine cleanup games tools. The first CMM, were already equipped with a coordinate system with three axes (X-Y-Z) along which also developed the machine movements. cleanup games They took place thanks to mechanisms of movement on rails, cleanup games through the action cleanup games of the operator who drove the manual inspection element comprising the probe, until contact with the part under control. The coordinates of the position of the probe appeared on a display derived from signals produced by photocells cleanup games inserted on the axes of the machine. But the beginning of a new era for the CMM was the birth of the DEA (Digital Electronics Automation) in Turin. cleanup games After a period of research and experimentation, during which the DEA produced, despite himself, only manual CMM, was announced the commercialization of the first automated CMM. In 1965 was built the first prototype of three-dimensional coordinate measuring system, which was exhibited at the International Exhibition of Machine Tools arousing interest among potential users. In the following years led to the first coordinate measuring machine marketable, for the design of car bodies, through which the DEA acquired considerable international orders, such as the Volkswagen. cleanup games Later, upon request of customers, were made large machines intended for the same type of application.

His daughter Alessandra remembers her dad as a genuine man towards clients and colleagues and a loving, caring and tender pater familias at home.

Franco Sartorio died last year.

The links below cite some of his most appreciated patents.