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Food for Profit

Food for Profit

 is the first feature documentary that exposes the links between the meat industry, lobbying and the corridors of power. It denounces how Europe is transferring hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money into the hands of intensive farms, which mistreat animals, pollute the environment, and pose a potential danger for future pandemics.

With a cinematic approach for an investigative documentary, Giulia and Pablo take us on an enlightening but shocking journey across Europe, where they confront farmers, corporations and politicians. Their team of investigators infiltrated farms in many European countries, exposing the truth behind the perceived excellence of European dairy and meat. In parallel, a fake agrifood lobbyist has infiltrated the high spheres of power at the European Parliament, secretly recording MEPs and gaining shocking information.

Food for Profit not only discloses the horror of intensive farms and the political corruption behind it, but with a pool of international experts, it tackles and analyses the many problems related to factory farming: from water pollution to exploitation of migrants and from biodiversity loss to antibiotic resistance.




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