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Fadi ToOn: Taiz, Yemen: Five Years of Siege – Call for solidarity

Our Yemeni cartoonist friend Anas Alathwary‎‏ has sent us this call for solidarity with the innocent people of Taiz to lift the siege on them.

To: All the Cartoonists around the world;
Taiz, Yemen: Five Years of Siege
Taiz Governorate is one of the most populated governorates in Yemen. It is well-known as a city of culture and arts. It’s a capital city is, in its three main entrances, being under the siege for five years (from 2015 up to now) because of the conflict. The road is a public right guaranteed by all the religions, laws and humanitarian conventions. However, the roads to this city are blocked. No other ways for people to go in and out of the city except one mountainous risky road with high expensive costs and instead of 10 minutes, at least five hours are spent on going in and out of the city. Even the goods, medicines and supplies are brought only through this road, which doubles the costs of such needs.
A lot of people died as a result of such a siege, particularly elderly and ill people, i.e. those suffering from cancer and kidney failures. People, including youth, women, children, etc. pay a lot of financial, economic, health, social, etc. costs for this tight unjust siege.
It is a humanitarian case that needs the world’s humanitarian consideration.

The following links give more details about this siege:


The sieged humans in Taiz raise this humanitarian call for all the caricaturists around the world to take part through their cartoons to advocate ending this siege.
We are pleased to receive your cartoons for 20 days, deadline November and they will be displayed in an exhibition in Taiz and on social media websites.

Cartoons can be sent to this email: taizsiege@gmail.com

This call is from the sieged human beings in Taiz
On their behalf: Cartoonists in Taiz, Yemen

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FadiToOn is a widely published and award-winning freelance cartoonist. On 2015 he organized "Children in war" the International cartoon exhibition focused on the suffering of children in war and conflict areas. The exhibition is produced in cooperation with "Free Word " foundation and the Norwegian cartoonists Gallery, Norway. He is Organizer of "‎Wonderful? Wonder World 2017‎‏" International cartoon exhibition focused on the current events in our world, Trump, Refugees crisis, Racism, Hate of speech, War and peace,..etc. The exhibition is produced in cooperation between "Cartoon Home Network International" and " Japanese cartoonists" Asociation and the Motozabu Gallery, Tokyo- Japan 2017 His cartoons have been published in various print and online outlets, including Al-Quds, Al-Arabi newspaper (London/ U.K), The New Arab newspaper (London/ U.K), Alroya newspaper (Muscat/Oman), Al-Seyassah newspaper (Kuwait), Le Monde newspaper (Paris/France), Courrier international Magazine (Paris/France), The New Internationalist magazine (Amsterdam/ Netherland), Amnesty International web (Denmark), The Nation Magazine (USA), AMTA newspaper (Norway), SAMORA magazine (Norway), NUMER magazine (Norway), Samtiden (Norway), SPOT magazine (Denmark), Toon pool website (Germany), AL SHAHID (Lebanon), Bells of Liberty magazine(Iraq),Arab Cartoon Award website (Qatar), Elsada.net (USA), el7ekaya.com (Egypt), Aljazeera.net (Qatar) dotmsr.com (Egypt), arabcartoon.net (Jordan), He also publishes his cartoons online, on the Dutch web page Cartoon Movement (Amsterdam/ Netherlands), on the French web page Cartooning for peace (Paris/France), Don Quixote magazine (Germany). He is Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Home Network International: https://www.facebook.com/Cartoon-Home-Network-International-750623131705829/ He is a member of Good Humor Party (P.D.H)/Poland He is a member of Cartooning for peace, Paris| France. He is Organizer of " A Colorful Human World” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition- Norway 2018.



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