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Everything Change, Volume II

An Anthology of Climate Fiction, Volume II

Edited by Angie Dell and Joey Eschrich

Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

The volume features 10 stories from our 2018 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest, along with a foreword by our lead judge, renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson.

Editors’ Introduction

By Angie Dell and Joey Eschrich

“Climate change is a cultural and political problem. Solutions to this creeping threat—a clean-energy transition, stricter environmental regulations on industry, changes in agricultural practice, even, perhaps, a transformation in our voracious relationship with consumer culture—are all eminently possible. What’s more, enacting them would have immediate (as well as long-term) positive effects on the global economy, far from the crisis predicted by opponents of climate action. (According to a 2018 report from The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate—an international group of economists and policy and business analysts—estimates that the world could garner net savings of $26 trillion by 2030 through a global shift toward sustainable development. Read more at newclimateeconomy.report.)”

Everything Change, Volume II is free to download, read, and share.



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