The European Robotics Week (ERW)

Fino al 28 Novembre in tutta Europa è #TheEuropeanRoboticsWeek (ERW) ,una manifestazione che ogni anno cerca con attività , seminari e incontri di far conoscere al grande pubblico le nuove frontiere della robotica e le possibili applicazioni . Per informazioni e per trovare gli aventi più vicini a voi consultate il link


Mirella Orsi


Mirella Orsi
Mirella Orsi
Freelance science journalist and a science communicator. I work in all aspects of the popularization of science, from writing to science exhibitions. I have a huge passion about science and I strongly believe that the communication is an important part of the scientific development. My main field is chemistry; however, my portfolio covers all branches of science.I am a member of the Association of the British writers (ABSW). My skills include understanding of and adherence to data privacy, copyright and the interpretation of formulas and technical chart. Someone said " Science is not finished until it is communicated " and it's definitely true. In fact, every great idea or discovery needs to be shared to have a real value. Therefore, one of my goals is to spread an accurate science knowledge, but always in a way easy to understand for a non- expert audience. POSTS

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