„German export unexpectedly fell sharply in May“, that is what Der Spiegel states.

Is it correct to say „unexpectedly“? No, it is not, because too many factors nowadays tie world economies each other.

In this case German export decrease has mainly been generated by the decrease of European economies due to their structural defects. Not only Portugal Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are in a terrific economic and political crisis, but also Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria and the whole Mediterranean basin are in crisis. Even France is falling in a deep economic and political crisis, due to bribery and corruption.

Therefore, how can Germany support all those burdens alone?

It seems natural, logic that even the biggest economic power in Europe would suffer and will continue to suffer more and more if all those countries in trouble will not change their mentality and political conduct. Bribery and corruption cannot be the instinct of politicians. To govern a Country cannot be a matter of attraction towards privileges.

Finance cannot be colluded with politicians, and politicians cannot be colluded with criminal organizations for buying the votes of themselves and their clients.

How can goodwill people propose suggestions, as many would like to say? What kind of political suggestions any goodwill persons could propose except that of destroying corrupted politicians, businessmen, bankers and public managers. Then and only then we can start talking of a “new reconstruction”

11th July 2013