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eelo: Your data is YOUR data

eelo is creating a desirable, privacy-enabled and open source mobile operating system, and associated web services.

Gaël Duval the project founder:

“In 1998, I created Mandrake Linux, because I was both a Linux fan and didn’t like Windows. It’s been a long time, and I’m very pleased to have been one of the actors who contributed to make the Linux desktop a credible option.

Since then, the smartphone has emerged. And it’s now a “companion of life” for many of us. But I realized this year that I was using an iPhone, a Mac and Google services more and more. I realized that I had become lazy and that my data privacy had vanished.

And I’m definitely not happy with that situation. I’m not happy with this situation because iOS is proprietary and I prefer open-source Software. I’m not happy because Apple is going crazy with their latest products. They are more and more expensive, and not really exciting. ”

I want eelo to be a non-profit project, a project “in the public interest”




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