“Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground
water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, grave sites, and many
other objects and materials without the use of scientific apparatus.
Dowsing is considered a pseudoscience, and there is no scientific
evidence that it is any more effective than random chance. Dowsing is
also known as divining, doodle bugging or (when searching specifically
for water) water finding, water witching (in the United States) or
water dowsing.” [Webster Dictionary]

Dowse is a transparent proxy facilitating the awareness of ingoing and outgoing connections, from, to, and within a local area network.

Dowse provides a central point of soft control for all local traffic: from ARP traffic (layer 2) to TCP/IP (layers 3 and 4) as well as application space, by chaining a firewall setup to a trasparent proxy setup. A core feature for Dowse is that of hiding all the complexity of such a setup.

Dowse is also a highly extensible platform: interoperability between modules is available using Socks4/5, UNIX pipes, local TCP/IP sockets and port redirection, conforming to specific daemon implementations. At the core of Dowse is a very portable shell script codebase implementing a modular plugin architecture that isolates processes and supports any executable written in any language: Shell, C, Perl, Python etc.

Dowse is an ongoing development effort rapidly gaining momentum for its simplicity and usefulness.


Dowse enhances the privacy of people surfing the
Internet in cases where
confidentiality and in-
tegrity of research is important
. For example,
in the case of journalists and activist




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