Donald Trump NyTimes or Hillary Clinton WashingtonTimes shall become President of the United States, the most powerful and influential State in the world.

Oh, my Good!!!

Is it possible that in the States there is nobody else less stupid, idiot, greedy, ambitious and a little bit more educate that those two individuals?. Is it possible that in the States there is nobody else “cum grano salis” than these two.

How can Americans vote for these people? How can Americans accept to put in their ends the destiny of the Confederation and the world? What culture and education do they have? What is their ethics? Who has nominated them for being the President? Who has examined them for being adapt to be President?

My Lord, when I pray you to indicate me with ideas and actions the way for helping all those who can need my help, you do not answer, while You always answered to all my previous prayers. Now I realize: how could I convince the President of the United States (the most powerful and influential person in the world) to operate for the benefit of people?

Both of them are as viruses and bacteria: they cannot be convinced, they have to be destroyed if you do not want that they destroy you.

So, my Lord, to destroy them would be a sin or a benefit to humankind?

Please, my Lord, help me and all humanity to understand what we can do for nullifying the malefic effects of those two legal criminals.

I believe no more in human laws, my only law is Your Law; nevertheless too many people still believe that human law is imperative and right, and they will never opposite to it, so they will never mis consider the reliability of those two idiots.

Enrico Furia

October 2016


Enrico Furia
Enrico Furia
Multilingual executive with experience in international finance, foreign investment, business development, negotiations, product planning, strategic planning, ICT, energy, academic and vocational teaching. Strategist with proven success in pinpointing profitable opportunities while realizing corporate objectives Established solid business relationship, maintaining a large network of international contacts. Motivational leader and team builder experienced in cross cultural teaching, management, and people development. Hands-on manager with sound technical skills and global perspective of potential markets Multifaceted financial advisor on information systems, project management, energy, banking, and investment analysis. Posts

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