From „Der Spiegel

we move to the following considerations:

a) The economic crisis is becoming universal. All countries increase more and more the difference between the rich and the poor.

b) Even countries that did not follow the Euro currency, such as the United Kingdom, are facing deep economic and social crises.

c) That’s not the European Currency to be considered at fault but the general conduct of Governments and people towards Ethics. Economics and Finance are responsible of a false approach about wealth and growth. For those disciplines (theories and not yet theorems) wealth is based on monetary profit increase and not on social improvement.

So, all human activities that can not be appraised in monetary terms should be worthless and unproductive. That is certainly false by definition because environment protection, education, personal and medical care cost can not forecast any Return On Investments stated in monetary terms.

It’s not too late for changing mentality, but we need to rush and speed all interventions up. Any further delay will carry humanity to pains and terrific diseases.

July 8 2013

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