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Devuan beta is out!

In time for our 2nd year anniversary, we managed to release Devuan GNU/Linux version Beta2 including some important bugfixes to the installer image. This release was anticipated and even asked for by specialised press (see: http://ostatic.com/…/new-devuan-beta-sharket-mare-2016-pred… ) comes with an announcement briefly listing the relevant growth points https://lists.dyne.org/…/m…/20161129.234923.fc51a377.en.html and last but not least a video of the presentation given in Sweden a few weeks ago

(thanks to the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, FSCONS)

Devuan GNU+Linux where we are, how we got here, where we are going Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd. Its Beta release marks an important milestone towards the sustainability and the continuation of Devuan as a universal base distribution. Devuan Jessie provides continuity as a safe upgrade path from Wheezy and a flawless switch from Jessie that ensures the right to Init Freedom and avoids entanglement. Since the Exodus declaration in 2014, infrastructure has been put in place to support Devuan’s mission to offer users control over their system. Today Devuan is available for a number or embedded and virtual machines architectures and runs as a reliable OS, arguably even more reliable than Debian itself since its switch to systemd. video streaming shot by FSCONS crew https://frab.fscons.org/en/fscons16/p.


 Denis Roio (Jaromil)

Researcher in philosophy of technology, artist and software artisan whose creations are endorsed by the Free Software Foundation.

CTO and co-founder of the Dyne.org think &do tank, a software house with more than 10 years of expertise in social and technical innovation.





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