Dactyl Nightmare: virtual reality game


Dactyl Nightmare – Multiplayer map with several levels and platforms; grenade launcher weapons and pterodactyl enemy.

Dactyl Nightmare © 1991 W Industries.

The Dactyl Nightmare experience has two derivatives. The pistol based ‘shoot-em-up’ version, and a more advanced hand to hand combat version known as ‘Capture the Flag’. The World’s first discrete entertainment experience places the player in a surreal world of chequered platforms and Escher -like pillars and archways. Designed as a one to four player interactive Experience, in Training Mode the player must simply seek and destroy the other animated beings trapped in this alternative world with them -usually other human opponents in linked Cyberspace systems!

Advanced Mode brings axes, shields and crossbows, and more involved ‘Capture the Flag’ gameplay where players must co-operate towards a common goal -bringing longevity to an easy-to-understand concept. The player soon forgets it’s a world of fantasy, plunged into an ultrareal setting trying to avoid the menacing intentions of giant swooping pterodactyls in this game of unprecedented realism. (from http://www.arcade-history.com/?n=dactyl-nightmare&page=detail&id=12493)

The player has complete freedom of movement for all his activities in the virtual world; special sensors register every movement. Brilliant resolution and light-weight construction are the advantages of the revolutionary headset.