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Cybiko. Russian hand-held computer

The Cybiko was a Russian hand-held computer introduced in May 2000 by David Yang’s company and designed for teens, featuring its own two-way radio text messaging system. It had over 430 “official” freeware games and applications. Because of the text messaging system, it features a QWERTY keyboard that was used with a stylus. An MP3 player add-on was made for the unit as well as a SmartMedia card reader. The company stopped manufacturing the units after two product versions and only a few years on the market. Cybikos can communicate with each other up to a maximum range of 300 metres (0.19 miles). Several Cybikos can chat with each other in a wireless chatroom.

from Wikipedia.


The Cybiko Xtreme was the second-generation Cybiko handheld. It featured various improvements over the original Cybiko, such as a faster processor, more RAM, more ROM, a new operating system, a new keyboard layout and case design, greater wireless range, a microphone, improved audio output, and smaller size.

The CPU was a Hitachi H8S/2323 at 18 MHz, and it also had an Atmel AT90S2313 co-processor at 4 MHz to provide some support for RF communications; the latter being the same unit as used in the original version. It came with 512KB ROM flash memory and 1.5MB RAM. It came with an add-on slot in the back, but the only hardware released was an MP3 player.

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