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COVID-19 Ventilator Projects and Resources

In a public GitHub repo, volunteers at Public Invention and EndCoronaVirus.org have compiled a list of resources and all known open source mechanical ventilator projects. This list is changing every day. Anyone can suggest an improvement or update by entering an issue.


Communities working on Open-Source Ventilators

EndCoronaVirus (NECSI)

An associated with NECSI, the New England Complex Systems Institute, effort with over 3000 volunteers in its Slack team, many of them medical professionals. Channels for Ventilator work are prefixed “#response-ventilators”.

HelpfulEngineering has over 12,000 volunteers in its Slack team.

DIY Ventilators

Pak Innovation Club

Ventilator Crowd (They have a repo with some analysis.)

#industryvirus A German (and German language?) based LinkedIn group.

1 million Ventilators Project

1M Ventilators 

Note: These two projects have almost the same name, but are different, I think.



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