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Coronavirus Diary-Day

Empty streets closed shops, and Wuhan gripped by the new coronavirus pneumonia. The videos of Wuhan show the real-life there, life still goes on in the lockdown city of Wuhan. Pray for Wuhan, Pray for the future. I hope Wuhan will get better as soon as possible. One day, let’s go to see sakura, eat hot dry noodles and walk along the Yangtze River Bridge.

An Infected Emergency Room Nurse Episode 1

Li Ting was an emergency room nurse in Wuhan who kept fighting to CoV in the frontline. Unfortunately, she was infected with CoV. Her husband, Hai Tang, is one of the cameramen in Wuhan division of Ergeng. He uses his camera to record the days he and his wife fight with CoV. He also would like to use the videos recorded to encourage all patients.

Ergeng will keep publishing more videos about the nurse.



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