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Coronavirus Detector based on infrared temperature sensor

Pneumonia patients and pneumonia carriers have a characteristic that their body temperature is higher than normal people. According to the definition of WHO, these people usually have a temperature of more than 38 degrees. Various countries have set up temperature detection at the entrance of many people for this purpose. For a time, people were trembling with each other and did not believe each other. I was afraid that the people in contact would carry the virus, so I made this work.

The function of this detector is as follows: the infrared temperature detection module above the mask detects its own temperature in real time and displays it to others. The other detector is used to detect the temperature of the person I have contacted. If the other person’s temperature is normal, the left The ring of light in the eye is green. If the temperature of the other person exceeds 38 degrees, the ring of light is red and an alarm sounds, letting me understand that he is a potential carrier, so I advise him to go to the hospital for medical treatment.



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